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Uh-Oh, Talking Heads comes to BOKY…

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So absurd, so amusing. A pretty strong decade-long run.


Talking Heads: 77

Release Year: 1977
My Rating: A+

Unfunky punks make unpunky funk! David Byrne was a songwriting genius and Talking Heads a crack band right out of the gate. Also, Byrne was a great performer and vocalist from the start. Like The Cars' debut, sounds both futuristic and retro at the same time. An all-time great debut.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town", "Happy Day", "No Compassion", "The Book I Read", "Don't Worry About the Government", "Psycho Killer"

Talking Heads More Songs About Building And Food Cover

More Songs About Buildings And Food

Release Year: 1978
My Rating: A

Sophomore slow down? Only for funk's GREAT is their cover of "Take Me To The River"???

HIGHLIGHTS: "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel", "Warning Sign", "Take Me To The River", "The Big Country"

Talking Heads Fear Of Music Cover

Fear of Music

Release Year: 1979
My Rating: B+

For all of the talk of polyrhythms, this one actually swings less than their first two. The songs aren't quite as majestic as the debut, but, of course, it's all relative. A solid record, this, if a bit overly experimental at times (HEY ENO), yet a necessary stepping stone toward their 80's heights.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Life During Wartime", "Memories Can't Wait", "Heaven"

Talking Heads Remain In Light Cover

Remain In Light

Release Year: 1980
My Rating: B

I guess they hadn't had ENO-ugh yet! But as for me, they are really BRIAN my patience. I appreciate the fleshing out of the sound, the changes they were willing to take, and all that jazz, and I realize it gave us "Once In A Lifetime", but at some point, I just want some high quality rock and roll music.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Crosseyed and Painless", "Once In A Lifetime", "Listening Wind"

Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues Cover

Speaking in Tongues

Release Year: 1983
My Rating: A-

After two albums of experimentation, they ditch Eno and synthesize it all into a pretty solid pop LP. Not quite a classic, but their best since LP2.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Burning Down the House", "Girlfriend Is Better", "Swamp", "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)"

Talking Heads Little Creatures Cover

Little Creatures

Release Year: 1985
My Rating: B

Almost radio-friendly, but Byrne is a bit too direct with the sexual references here. Very catchy record, if just a little too dialed back on what makes the Talking Heads so great in the first place.

HIGHLIGHTS: "And She Was", "Perfect World", "Stay Up Late", "Road to Nowhere"

Talking Heads True Stories Cover

True Stories

Release Year: 1986
My Rating: A

It's not quite a perfect album (like LP1), but it's their best since LP2. Quite a hard-rocking synthesis of everything that made Talking Heads so great!

HIGHLIGHTS: "Love For Sale", "Wild Wild Life", "Dream Operator", "People Like Us", "City of Dreams"

Talking Heads Naked Cover


Release Year: 1988
My Rating: A-

Cartoon Rock - and I LOVE IT. The world music influences are just great here. Reminds me of the soundtrack to that old video game Monkey Island.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Blind", "Mr. Jones", "(Nothing But) Flowers"


Non-Album Tracks

  • "Love → Building on Fire":
  • "I Wish You Wouldn't Say That":
  • "Sax and Violins":
  • "Lifetime Piling Up":
  • "Gangster of Love":
  • "I Want to Live":
  • "Popsicle":
  • "Sugar on My Tongue":
  • "Gangster of Love":


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