Lift by Radiohead

Exploring Radiohead's "Lift" - What makes it a KILLER TRACK?

In this video, we conduct an in-depth exploration of Radiohead’s iconic lost track “Lift”!

  • The background of “Lift” – 1:50
  • Why did “Lift” take so long to release? – 6:55
  • What is “Lift” about? – 15:05
  • What’s the best version – OKNOTOK vs MINIDISCS[HACKED]? – 22:16


Here’s my totally scientific method for grading albums. I’m sure you’ll find it revolutionary:

  • A+: CLASSIC album – I revere this bad boy.
  • A: GREAT album – a repeat listener from start to finish.
  • B: GOOD album – I’ll probably listen again at some point.
  • C: MEH album – not awful, but I have no desire to listen again.
  • D: BAD album – not sure why anyone would listen to this.
  • F: TRULY AWFUL album – monumentally bad and offense against music.

Gradations between letters (A-/B+/B-/C+) simply indicate it’s somwhere between the two letters.