A running diary of incomplete critical thoughts on the discographies of some musical acts I rather enjoy…


Elegiac and heavy instrumental post-rock.

Dawes band photo


The dream of the Laurel Canyon 70’s is still alive in Dawes-landia…

elliott band photo chris higdon kevin ratterman


Louisville’s atmospheric emo heroes, BOKY’d. That’s a lower case “e” to you, good sir!

Fleet Foxes

Idyllic, medieval folk rock from the Evergreen State.

Jawbox discography reviews


Jawbox were an indie rock band that existed from 1989 – 1997. This is an overview of and personal reflection on their discography. Jawbox were

june of 44 group shot

June of 44

June of 44 were an indie rock band that existed from 1994 – 1999. This is an overview of and personal reflection on their recording

Kerosene 454 band photo

Kerosene 454

Criminally underappreciated DC post-punk band of the mid-90s….


Midwestern 90’s emocore with a whole lotta Kentucky pride…

Rachel's band photo


Exploring the discography of post-rock greats Rachel’s…


Here’s my totally scientific method for grading albums. I’m sure you’ll find it revolutionary:

  • A+: CLASSIC album – I revere this bad boy.
  • A: GREAT album – a repeat listener from start to finish.
  • B: GOOD album – I’ll probably listen again at some point.
  • C: MEH album – not awful, but I have no desire to listen again.
  • D: BAD album – not sure why anyone would listen to this.
  • F: TRULY AWFUL album – monumentally bad and offense against music.

Gradations between letters (A-/B+/B-/C+) simply indicate it’s somwhere between the two letters.