Elegiac and heavy instrumental post-rock.

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I don’t know a whole lot about this band (would love to know more), but they snuck up on me in 2013 or so with the amazing track “Hymn for the Greatest Generation”, and I was intrigued.

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Caspian The Four Trees album cover

The Four Trees

Release Year: 2007
My Rating: A-

More optimistic than Explosions in the Sky, but no less majestic.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Moksha", "Sea Lawn", "Our Breath In Winter", "Asa"

Caspian Tertia album cover


Release Year: 2009
My Rating: B+

Pretty deece second LP. There's a lack of melodic variety here that leaves it on the less memorable side, but all-in-all, that's a minor gripe.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Concrescence", "Sycamore"

Caspian Waking Season album cover

Waking Season

Release Year: 2012
My Rating: A+

One of the greatest record of the post-rock genre.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Halls of the Summer", "Long the Desert Mile"

Caspian Waking Dust & Disquiet album cover

Dust and Disquiet

Release Year: 2015
My Rating: B

This one doesn't do much for me. It's not that it's bad or anything, but the melody just isn't at the same level as their last few records, and it tends to drag a bit. Still feels elegiac, just less hopeful. I will say though, "Run Dry" is a really nice mood piece.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Run Dry", "Dust and Disquiet"

Caspian Waking On Circles album cover

On Circles

Release Year: 2020
My Rating: A

Solid step forward. This one forges ahead with energy and strength after the rather sleepy Dust & Disquiet.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Wildblood", "Ishmael", "Circles On Circles"


Caspian You Are The Conductor EP cover

You Are The Conductor EP

Release Year: 2005
My Rating: B+

Majestic and beautiful debut EP. Love the CS Lewis references in the song titles.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Further Up", "Last Rites"

Caspian Live At Old South Church EP cover

Live At Old South Church EP

Release Year: 2012
My Rating: B+

Fantastic live record - just wish it was LONGER!

HIGHLIGHTS: "Last Rites", "Concrescence", "Sycamore"

Caspian Hymn for the Greatest Generation EP cover

Hymn for the Greatest Generation EP

Release Year: 2013
My Rating: A+

A masterful followup EP to a masterful LP. The title track is utterly beautiful, as is the quieter "CMF", a tribute to their fallen bass-playing brother. Pure elegiac beauty.

HIGHLIGHTS: "Hymn for the Greatest Generation", "CMF"

Caspian Castles High, Marble Bright EP cover

Castles High, Marble Bright (single)

Release Year: 2016
My Rating: B+

A bit of a throwback to the Waking Season sound - things are a little brighter here (intentionally, I suppose, given the title).

HIGHLIGHTS: "Castles High, Marbles Bright"


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