About BOKY

Welcome to Beards of Kentucky. This is a site about the bands and the records that I love. I think about them alot, and it feels damn good to write about them.


Many of the posts on this page will explore relatively obscure bands from Louisville, KY. I grew up there, in the mid-90’s, and it was a huge influence on my taste in music.


Here’s my totally scientific method for grading albums. I’m sure you’ll find it revolutionary:

  • A+: CLASSIC album – I revere this bad boy.
  • A: GREAT album – a repeat listener from start to finish.
  • B: GOOD album – I’ll probably listen again at some point.
  • C: MEH album – not awful, but I have no desire to listen again.
  • D: BAD album – not sure why anyone would listen to this.
  • F: TRULY AWFUL album – monumentally bad and offense against music.

Gradations between letters (A-/B+/B-/C+) simply indicate it’s somwhere between the two letters.